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Tic Tac Bomb


How To Play Tic Tac Bomb Game ?

There are some bombs which must be brought to the place asked you. You must bring these bombs to the back of the lorry. But this is not easy any more. You must carry them without falling them down. You can drive your vehicle with arrow keys in game. Right and left arrow keys ensure you to save your balance. Thus you can prevent bombs to fall down, while you are going down or up on ramps. you must bring them to the end of the section in time given you. There are ten different levels in game. In all levels, you can buy a new vehicle with money you earn. Thus you can carry your bombs more safely. And next vehicle which you will buy will have some barriers around them, so carrying bombs will be more easier for you. You can see your point and time at bottom. Join this adventure which is full of danger and joy. Be a fast and careful driver.

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