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Survive The Night


How To Play Survive The Night Game ?

You must drive your car carefully tos tay alive in a scary graveyard. You must struggle with zombies, draculas and frankestains in this game wich is called graveyard race. You are using arrow keys in the game which is consist of 9 levels. When you meet hard hills, you can use your nitro by pressing x key. Although zombies and monsters you meet cause you losing speed, you must go on your way with serial maneuvers. You can see how much nitro you have on your car, on the right bottom corner of your game screen. If you collect nitros which you will meet on road sometimes, you can use more nitro. And your time becomes higher when you pres monsters you meet and can have a higher score at the end of the level. And when your car tilts over, your car damages and if it turns you will have to restart the level.

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