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Rocky Rider 2


How To Play Rocky Rider 2 Game ?

The increase in it\'s play keys and new visual effects of it shows that what a high quality this game has. You will find yourself in a yellow vehicle with the beginning of game. In this section you will try to lead yellow jeep and try to reach the finish writing at the end of the section by going on hard way. While you are trying to do this, you can make your score higher by collecting goldens on your road. There are totaly 12 sections in this land driver game and every next section is harder than the previous one. That may casue you to play those sections several times to be able to complete. Wait for a short loading period. Then start the game by choosing 1. section. Control the car given you after the game is loaded, and try to reach the reach the end line. Don\'t forget to collect golds on road to make your score higher. You are controlling your vehicle with w,a,s,d or arrow keys and can ensure it to jump with Z key. And also you can let it fly with X key.

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