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Radioactive Transport


How To Play Radioactive Transport Game ?

Driving a truck has never been as exciting as this before the radioactive transport game. There are a lot of scenes in game which are full of action and adrenaline. You must bring boxes in truck s body which are full of radioactive materials without falling them down. In fact it looks like reaching the endline without falling down any of them is quite difficult. But if you love car games and say that you are a good driver, we believe that you can finish all parts of this game successfully. You can control your speed with up arrow key. You can use other arrow keys to ensure the truck not to tilt over or pass the barriers. You must go on very carefully to prevent the radioactive materials falling down. At the same time, if all of the materials in truck s body falls down and you don t have any box, game is over and you have to restart.

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