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Multiplayer Country Racers


How To Play Multiplayer Country Racers Game ?

In this two player truck game, you will meet a very beautiful red truck. After you click play button, you will see player 1 and player 2 choices. This shows that you can play this game with two player. You are marking your own truck with a red circle as the player 1. We are controlling this one. Our race is consist of a few different step. We are trying to be the winner of race. Otherwise we cant pass the next level. We are moving our car with arrow keys. Car is moving slowly if it goes into mud. Try to stay in the pist. And also car is being damaged and sparling if you crash into somewhere. This property gives an extra visual wealth to the game. You will have an idea to use short ways according to the structure of pist to win the step. But game can understand this and if you do this, although you finist the game as the first you cant win the race.

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