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Monster Trucker 3D


How To Play Monster Trucker 3D Game ?

What do you think about a joyful atv game which is prepared with 3d visual effects? You will join the races which organized on earth road with you 4x4 atv and try to be faster than your rivals and than try to complete the race as the winner. There will be 4 other vehicles with you in races. In races which 4 vehicles joined them, you will be unsuccessful if you can t be first. You will need to ensure the balance of your vehicle to complete the race successfully. You can balast your vehicle on rugged and earth road by using right and left arrow keys. You can speed up your vehicle with up arrow key, and slow up with down key. You can make emergency breaking in hairpin turns by using spacebar key. After the 3d monster truck game is loaded, you can enter the game by clicking continue and play buttons.

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