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Indestructo Tank


How To Play Indestructo Tank Game ?

Indestructo Tank, as a side-scroller with a twist, the only weapon against the enemy by yourself - this nice little physics based game to start the enemy yourself. Indestructo Tank 3 The third installment of the popular tank battle game. Your task in many enemies, tanks, helicopters, airplanes and other vehicles as you can and destroy the bombs to jump yourself up is to crash into. You have guns. If you use your tank to ram and can be destroyed by the bombs do not hurt, they just shoot you into the air. How many combos can you get? Strong as a tank driver you have certain responsibilities - Kicking Butt! If you catapult yourself through the air, and the enemy air force do not use them as weapons against the enemy! Arrow keys to move and the up arrow on the lead tank to start yourself. So put yourself in the Left and Right arrows bombs. Indestructo Tank 3 and a lot of fun!

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