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Fire Truck Racer 3D


How To Play Fire Truck Racer 3D Game ?

Everyone knows that there is a fire truck to run faster, but how fast you will be able to drive a fire truck racing? This career mode, single race, time trial, or is trying to options. If you need to use the arrow keys to control fire truck, take advantage of great help to go beyond the call of your speed, but I sense you may be aware that slows down the oil stains on the road. Trucks make much sense to change direction, so be careful with your balance. When the lap of the top left corner, the total time appears at the top right, the speed control and at the same time, running down on the right can see the current location. Then you pass the finish line, you tell me how many rounds will be a sign. In a study in career mode, and you can choose the level you play a race or, in time, only one of four levels available to play. Processes such as fire tests and a truck driver to win the race fast!

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