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Extreme Moto Trick


How To Play Extreme Moto Trick Game ?

Be ready to play a riding motorbike game which is full of excited and acrobatic movements with extreme motorbikers. Sometimes on snowy roads, sometimes on mountains and sometimes in deserts, there will be 12 different section in the game which you will race. You can have some practise by clicking the pratik part on menu at the begining of the game before you start. You must choose one of the four motorbikers in the game who has red, pink, blue and green clothes. You must use arrow keys to control your motorbike. You can make acrobatic movements in the air by using X, C, V, B keys. You must use spacebar key to use nitro and go in a fastest speed. You must arrive the end line and collect as impossible as much points by making acrobatic movements in the game before your time is up.

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