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Express Truck


How To Play Express Truck Game ?

Multiple materials such as wood pulling the truck that had been installed to serve only your job to transport enclosure . Should educate the cargo on time . If you are late or incomplete when the money will be deducted from the cargo . How about more money to strengthen your truck bucks a transport ? too much natural conditions in a country where it is impossible to transport . But the game is to make you easy methods to design a nice shipping . Conditions of this nature can prepare your truck haulage with the money I won . Whether your task is to make a full and fast and reliable shipping . Slightly bigger and bigger reservoir rear dampers are designed for my vehicle shipping materials that you will not hurt . Dump your enclosure , edit and start the journey . At first, the journey is easy and new obstacles you encounter more difficult later . May need to do a few tricks to overcome the obstacles . Identify obstacles as you come stay at first , and also the way veremiyecek forehead hurt you . Take care not to damage your car and you have paid loads . Inserting the cursor keys, scroll to the tool activates your obstacles . Most important among the loads of the game in order to pour submit your checkout is getting the point . ulastirdiginiz you extra points and fees will be paid for each load . Your truck with the coins you collect to develop and make journeys more comfortable with it .

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