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Desert Monster 2


How To Play Desert Monster 2 Game ?

A joyful and exciting driving pleasure is waiting for you with the desert monster game. You will pass barriers in desert with a land jeep and complete all levels. You can make the controls of you land jeep with arrow keys in game. Right and left arrow keys ensure your jeep tos tay on balance. While it is jumping or going down from ramps, you can prevent it tilting over by using right or left arrow keys. You will earn money at the end of every step in game. You can improve your car with this money and make it stronger. You can change the motor, wheels and suspensions of your vehicle. And you must fill fuel tank of your car which becomes empty at the end of every step. You must complete levels before your petrol finishes. You can go without using fuel while you are going down on ramps to provide this. The vehicle will go down from ramps with it s own moving power and you won t need to use fuel. Thus, you can use the fuel more economic. Join drivings full of speed in desert with the Desert Monster game.

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