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Cargo Delivery Pro


How To Play Cargo Delivery Pro Game ?

If the truck games, and I love everything about them, well this is the perfect game for you! This is my game just is not a truck park, oh no, it will be much more to do. In the first part you will have to complete the challenge in 90 seconds, and you have to be very accurate, so stop fulling around and do your job, I promise you it will be a trill. Which are very sensitive to the point where only the load at rest, try to connect to drive your car and truck, but be careful, you can make the marked point. Do not need to do anything, it will automatically connect to it. You will have to park in the back, because after completing the first mission, parking, lift driver, and this is the most difficult part, now to park in the spot marked with the load. I know its not an easy task, but believe me, its so much fun, until the end of each level will not be able to stop. The only way to open a new level is to complete the previous year. Because you will lose your health, and you lose the level of the parking lot and try not to hit the wall or other trucks. Use the arrow keys or WASD to move and press the space bar to brake. If you want you can play with your mouse by selecting the lower left. Have fun!

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