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Busman Parking 3D


How To Play Busman Parking 3D Game ?

Are you skilful enough to complete this task about driving hard? Parking games is a special hoby for some players. Bus Man Parking 3D game is bringing a new speciality to parling games. The game is very and more realistic because of it is abour bus parking and the game is 3D. It is consist of 18 different section. You can see what a good driver you are by parking our bus carefully. You have right to crash for a few times. You can crash till the damage limit of your car finds end. You can control the vehicle you will park by using W,A,S and D keys or arrow keys on your keyboard. And you must use spacebar key to break. In all section the area which you must park the bus will be shown with arrow keys to you. In some sections you must park it from infront or back side of it. You must complete the game in time given you. You can get higher points as much as you finish sections earlier. Let\'s see what a good driver you are.

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