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Bus Parking


How To Play Bus Parking Game ?

Through specific fields with a view of the bus with a huge ensure that the proper place to set a park . Quite a challenging game around, there are too many obstacles . Maneuvers are quite strong , fast, do you have a bus . This bus is a lot of work to do to develop and in your hands. Student during the day to park in front of your home for the evening , serving bus asked to help you . Quite a lot of people are cramped and roads in your city, regardless of the tools it turns out, does not lead to those Vehicles . but it is quite a large number of accidents occur in the city you requested in your hand this beautiful bus passing it to the city must get to the car park . Please note that your PARKING may interfere with the security guard in the parking lot . A change in the games lonely , bus park it then you can not pay the security guard accumulating money by paying your chassis . Remember to take a bus to accumulate money and more beautiful scores . Or strengthen your vehicle . Pay close attention to people who pass around you and they will prevent you may lose points and money . Game Start on New Game to play with the arrow keys and you instructions . When the game starts to pay attention to these guidelines will help you a lot here, gotta instructions . Successfully performed selections as well as the instructions on that level and then after each act of parking can move on to the next section . Points earned for each new jump vve levele meet with a new bus .

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