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3D Star Driver


How To Play 3D Star Driver Game ?

In our this game which is quite good at visual quality and graphics, you will start the game with a luxury and beautiful car given you. There are 8 total levels in game. Every level has different and more beuatiful effects than each other. You must be careful about not crash into other cars in game. And you can get points by collecting yellow objects with dolar sign in game. The main idea in the game is, collecting yellow stars while driving your car. When you collect five yelllow stars you will be able to complete the level and pass next one. If you cant collect stars as much as you have to, you will lose game and have to restart it. You can control your car with arrow keys on your keyboard. We wish good luck to all game lover friends in this guite joyful and funny game which has 3 dimension and you will have good time.

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